The River Rolls On

By , July 19, 2010 5:05 PM

Just a couple of weeks before Christmas in 2000, I called Corey Miller and Jon Lauman to see if they would be interested in recording a song as a Christmas present for friends and family. To my surprise, they were open to the idea, and we started work on “Let the River Roll On (Without Me)” as quickly as we could.

A few things needed worked out before the project could be finished. I didn’t own a quality acoustic guitar then, so I borrowed one from Chris Trueblood. We also didn’t have enough time to create cover art for the CD, so I contacted my sister, Sue, to see if I could use one of her paintings. With the borrowed guitar in hand, and photographs of a great painting taken, we then set about recording the track and mixing it.

Corey took the tasks of engineering, recording, mixing and burning the CDs. Jon and I worked on printing, cutting, folding and assembling the packaging. Finally, we all signed them. All in all, it was a great experience with only minor hiccups, and our friends and family really seemed to enjoy the music.

I’d like to do another one someday. Until that day comes, I hope you enjoy “Let the River Roll On (Without Me)” as much as I enjoyed making it with a couple of my best friends those many years ago!

<a href="">Let the River Roll On (Without Me) by YL</a>

Let the River Roll On – YL

6 Responses to “The River Rolls On”

  1. One of the great and unforgettable highlights of my life:). Although I did notice "suffering" wasn't tagged in this one hahaha

  2. Neil Forker says:

    I should have tagged it suffering since I was suffering pretty badly after drinking that Tequiza the day we were working on the packaging!I haven't tried that stuff since.

  3. haha! I forgot all about that! I do remember Corey being "grounded" and not being able to come out to Kinko's during that blizzard :-D

  4. Neil Forker says:

    I don't remember him being "grounded," but I remember him refusing to help because he had already done the engineering, mixing, burning, etc… I was concerned that we wouldn't be able to finish it in time! Especially since Ifelt so bad!

  5. If i remember correctly, I believe we thought Amy didn't want him to go back out since he was home…..on top of everything else!

  6. Neil Forker says:

    My memory is hazy about those details, but I'm sure you're right. We probably did think something like that! :-D LOL!

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