Jackson & Shadow’s House/Kokomo, IN
We arrived in Kokomo late yesterday. Most of the evening was spent with my Uncle Bud and Aunt Wanda. She called me earlier in the week to see what Neesie and I had been up to. I told her that we would be in Kokomo this weekend and would stop by to see them.

I got out of bed about a half an hour ago. I called Jeremy K this morning to confirm our breakfast plans. He was on the phone with Tabi M when I called, so I made the call brief. We are going to Bob Evans around 10a.

I’m not sure how to handle getting together with Ed N this afternoon as I have left his phone number at YL Habitat. It appears that he has an unlisted phone number. Driving to his house seems like the best option at this time. I still have no idea what we will do. Maybe he will have an idea.

Denise’s mother set up a time for us to pick up our handy dandy dishwasher today. That should happen around 11a. Ash will be here to visit Jackson and Shadow and to collect her birthday presents later today as well.

This is turning out to be a very busy day!